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I'm Leong Kai Sheng (Sam) 👋🏻

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About Me

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Who Am I

An IT student passionate about web development, experienced in building dynamic web systems, websites, console programs in C, and configuring servers/CDNs, aimed to innovate and collaborate in tech advancements.

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Node JS





My Work

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KTM Station Schedule Checker

Check KTM Komuter / Electric Train Service timetable by station easily!

Build with PHP,  Bootstrap, JavaScript

Bus Schedule Checker

Check the frequency and schedule of all RapidKL Buses and MRT Feeder Buses easily!

Build with JavaScript, Bootstrap

TARUMT Timetable Generator

Automatically retrieves your timetable from TARCApp and generating an iCalendar (.ics) file, which can be applied to various calendar applications and services.

Build with PHP, Bootstrap, JavaScript

Real-Time Train Tracker - MTREC

This is a website that display the real-time train location data from the GTFS-R feed from Public Sector Open Data (DTSA).

Build with PHP, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Python

Spotters by MTREC

This is a website that allows train enthusiast on spotting trains and sharing spotting information among the community.

Build with PHP, Bootstrap, JavaScript, MySQL

COVID-19 Dashboard

This is a COVID-19 Dashboard for Malaysia, which utilizes the data from MOH on Github.

Build with PHP, Bootstrap

My Experiences

Web Developer and Webmaster at Malaysia Trains & Rail Enthusiasts (MTREC)

- Developed a new crowdsourced train spotting system.
- Maintained, managed, and monitored server load.
- Created a real-time train tracker map using the GTFS-R feed from DTSA.
- Maintained and updated the website and system, serving an average of 240,000 visitors per month.
- Successfully mitigated DDoS attacks on MTREC websites.

August 2022

Junior Web Developer at Emzee Lab Sdn. Bhd.

- Developed a Products Display System that allows business users to add or modify products, enabling customers to view the products directly on the company website.

March 2023 - June 2023